703. Nikki Hiltz, World Silver Medalist


“Records are always going to be broken, but medals are forever.”

Nikki Hiltz returns to the Ali on the Run Show for the seventh time — and for the first time as a world championship medalist! Last weekend, Nikki took home the silver medal in the 1500m at World Indoor Championships, and today, we get to hear all about it. Plus a very special (and oh so wholesome) guest to kick off the episode.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Welcome Liz Hiltz to the Ali on the Run Show! (1:45)
  • How it feels to be a World Indoor Silver Medalist (11:35)
  • “This is my whole personality now” (14:10)
  • The 1500m community, and what makes it so special right now (18:35)
  • Nikki’s reaction to watching the 1500m with their parents after the race (20:20)
  • Nikki’s race plan for the 1500m final (25:10)
  • The significance of Nikki’s “THEM” necklace (30:20)
  • Why Nikki went for the win in the prelims (35:50)
  • On watching Elle Purrier St. Pierre take home a gold medal the day before the 1500m final (39:40)
  • How Nikki and Emily Mackay went from acquaintances to Team USA teammates and medalists (42:10)
  • All about that race-day sore throat (45:35)
  • From getting off the line to the finish line: How the race broke down (54:00)
  • All about Nikki’s role in the forthcoming Tracktown series debuting March 29 (1:01:35)
  • What Nikki’s into right now (1:05:15)
  • A message on authenticity (1:09:20)

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