712. Abeo Powder, TrailblazHers Run Co. Co-Founder


“We’re leading alongside our community. The three of us made this happen, but there is so much wisdom, so much leadership, so much brilliance within our community. And so we always want to make it known that we want to continue to uplift that and really just show up and show out.”

Abeo Powder has a magnetic energy. She’s one of those people you’ll meet and just want to be around every day. Abeo is the co-founder of the TrailblazHers Run Co., an all-female run crew in Boston, with a mission to empower and uplift women — especially BIPOC women — in the community. Emphasis on community: That’s what Abeo is all about. In this conversation, Abeo talks about her lifelong relationship with running, and how it’s evolved over the years. Today, in addition to her work with the TrailblazHers, she’s the founder of Holistic with Hotfoot, where she takes a personalized approach to coaching. You’re not just getting training plans with Abeo: You’re getting guided meditations, playlists, and so much more.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Abeo’s run today, and her decision to put a pause on marathon training (3:00)
  • All about Abeo’s childhood, and how she found running (7:30)
  • How Abeo’s relationship with running has evolved over the years (14:30)
  • Abeo’s take on group run anxiety and intimidation, and why TrailblazHers Run Co. was born (20:00)
  • The growth of the TrailblazHers community (28:30)
  • What to expect at a TrailblazHers event (34:30)
  • What to know about the 26.True marathon, taking place this weekend in Boston (37:55)
  • Coach Abeo, and what she’s all about (45:40)
  • Abeo’s message to nervous marathoners (52:10)

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