Ep. 205 Your Onion – Raffat Zreik


One of my all-time favorite tracks was by a band called Madness, and the track was Driving In My Car.

It reminds me of my teenage years, when I first got my driving license, and the freedom to escape the little village we lived in. I passed my test the first time. I was very thankful, I had ridden a motorbike the year before, just to get a true sense of what being on the road was all about and to get professional training also.

Over the years, I have experienced driving situations that have shaken me up and which I have never experienced before, from having a burst tire on a motorway to having a child run out in front of my car to crashing into the back of another after being distracted by my kids in the back seat.

These experiences really shake you up, and you handle the moment the best you can.

Now think about your driving training before you took the test. Not much goes into what obstacles or situations might happen on the road, you just get tested on how well you can drive and maneuver a car.

My next guest, Raffat Zriek, CEO & Founder of Gamyra, took this issue on board and created a driving simulation experience of dealing with difficult situations on the road. From there, he has created a business of virtual experiences to power the future of immersive and interactive digital realities.

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