Hey Google! Target Palestinian Activists: Project Nimbus and the attempted silencing of critics


Last week, Google workers took to the streets to protest against their own company. 

In New York City, San Francisco, Durham, and Seattle they protested against Google, the tech giant's collaboration with Israel, and Project Nimbus. 

Project Nimbus is part of $1.2 billion contract between Israel, Amazon, and Google, to provide cloud computing services to the Israeli government, and it's feared that with this technology, Israel's intense surveillance and persecution of the Palestinian people will be rapidly increased and expanded. 

The San Francisco protest last week was led by Ariel Koren. Ariel is a former worker at Google and left the company in August, after publicly speaking out against Project Nimbus. Ariel maintains that she was forced from her job by Google, because of her activism.

This week on The New Arab Voice, we speak with Ariel Koren (@ariel_koko) about her experience at Google and her efforts to raise the alarm about Project Nimbus. We also spoke with  Nadim Nashif (@NadimNashif), the founder and director of Palestinian NGO 7amleh (@7amleh) about the digital weapons being used by Israel against Palestinians. 

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