Losing Lebanon: In limbo and longing for hope


In the final part of our three-part special on Lebanon, we're examining the stagnant nature of Lebanon. 

Lebanon's recent history has pushed the country to the limit and left it crippled and uncertain. Today, Lebanese citizens remain unsure about what the future may hold for them. Can the country be rescued from its economic problems? Will a new raft of independent MPs be able to implement political change? Can the judiciary  every be reformed?

On the latest episode of The New Arab Voice, we speak with Yasser Farej, the Programme Manager at the Lebanese NGO Learning Through Action, and also Ali al-Mays, a school teacher who also volunteers for Yasser. We also speak with Najat Aoun Saliba (@najat_saliba), one of the 13 reform MPs who were elected this year, and Samer Makarem (@samermakarem),  a Lebanese political activist with the reformist party Mintishreen.

You can listen to part one and part two of this special series, wherever you get your podcasts.

This podcast is written by Hugo Goodridge (@hugogoodridge) and Will Christou (@will_christou). This episode was produced by Hugo Goodridge. Theme music by Omar al-Fil (@elepheel).

Other music by Blue Dot Sessions.

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