Over a Barrel: Saudi/US strains and OPEC+ cuts


The New Arab Voice is back!

For our fifth season, we're starting with a look at the recent upheaval witnessed in US-Saudi relations. 

Saudi Arabia sparked the ire of the US earlier in October, when it was announced that OPEC+ would be cutting oil production by 2 million barrels a day. Such a move is sure to keep prices at the pumps high, and threaten the electoral chances of Democratic candidates at the upcoming midterm elections. 

In Washington there is also concern that the decision signals a Saudi shift towards Russia, and that any increase in the price of oil, could aid the invading nation with their war in Ukraine. 

Why have OPEC+ opted to cut productions? What does Saudi Arabia have to gain? Why is the US so angered by the production cut? Can Saudi Arabia really survive without US support?

On this week's episode, we speak with Imad K. Harb (@harb3imad), the Director of Research and Analysis at Arab Center Washington DC (@ArabCenterWDC), and Joanne Held Cummings (@PoJoCummings), Distinguished Senior Fellow on National Security at the Middle East Institute (@MiddleEastInst) and a retired Foreign Service Officer from the US Department of State.

This podcast is written and produced by Hugo Goodridge. Theme music by Omar al-Fil. 

Other music by Blue Dot Sessions. 

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