The Casino Manager Cashes Out: The departure of Riad Salameh from Lebanon's Central Bank


Riad Salameh spent 30 years at the top of Lebanon’s Central Bank. 

Some called him a magician. But in recent years, his tricks have been revealed to devastating effects.

In 2019 the Lebanese economy dramatically collapsed and many inside and outside the country pointed the finger of blame at Riad Salameh. 

Despite the economic problems, he stayed on. 

But on the last day of July, Riad Salameh walked out of Lebanon’s Central Bank for the last time. 

This week on The New Arab Voice, we sat down with Karim Bitar (@karimbitar) to discuss the departure of Riad Salameh, his time at the Central Bank, the accusation that have been levelled at him by people in Lebanon, and abroad, and what the future holds for the Lebanese Central Bank. 

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