The Injustice League: Assad's return to the Arab fold


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was returned to the Arab League this month. 

Twelve years after Syria was suspended, in response to their brutal crackdown against civilians protesters, the group of nations, led by Saudi Arabia welcomed back the Assad regime. 

The move signalled a major shift in diplomacy in the region, and simultaneously a continuation of other diplomatic moves in the region, and in particular by Saudi Arabia.

Along with Syria, Saudi Arabia sets to be a big winner from the deal. It will further cement their new relationship with Iran, and Iran’s allies, including Russia and China. Furthermore it will help to cover the backs of Saudi Arabia as the US moves back from the region. 

Those set to lose out most from the deal is Syrian refugees in the region. 

Spread out across a number of neighbouring Arab states, these communities now face increased levels of hostilities, and a greater potential for forced deportations back to Syria, where they face terrible conditions.

This week on The New Arab Voice, why has Syria been readmitted to the Arab League? Who stands to gain from the normalisation? And what does this mean for the Syrian people, both inside and outside the country?

Joining us to discuss Syria’s return to the Arab League, we speak with Malik al-Abdeh, conflict resolution expert focused on Syria and managing director of Conflict Mediation Solutions. Also Reva Dhingra (@Reva__D), a postdoctoral fellow at the Brookings Institution in the Foreign Policy Division (@BrookingsFP) and works with the Center for Middle East policy, with a particular focus on issues related to Syrian refugees.

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