Trouble with the 51st State: US policy on Gaza and its relationship with Israel


The death toll from the conflict in Gaza passed 14,000 this week. 

With a ceasefire starting on Friday evening, international diplomacy is happening, but so is the conflict. 

The recent four-day ceasefire and prisoner swap was negotiated by Qatar and Israel’s closest ally, the US. 

This week on The New Arab Voice, we look over the recent events in Gaza, including the siege of Al-Shifa Hospital, the humanitarian catastrophe that has a firm grip on the besieged strip, and the recently announced four-day ceasefire and prisoner and hostage swap. 

Also, we examine the US relationship with Israel and the view of the conflict from Washington. Did they US expect such a brutal response by Israel? Can the US hold Israel back, and can it lead the way over the political horizon to a settlement in the future. And what does the conflict mean for the Abraham Accords?

Joining us to talk about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we speak with Kristyan Benedict (@KreaseChan), Amnesty International UK Crisis Response Manager (@AmnestyUK), and to guide us through US policy surrounding Gaza, we speak with Charles W. Dunne (@CharlesWDunne), adjunct professor at the Elliott School of International Studies (@ElliottSchoolGW) at the George Washington University, and also a non resident scholar at the Arab Center Washington, DC (@ArabCenterWDC).

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This podcast is written and produced by Hugo Goodridge (@hugogoodridge). 

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