Two Months Later : Israel's war in Gaza and Netanyahu's political prospects


The Hamas attack of 7 October shook Israel to its core. 

It was a horrifying day that left at least 1,200 people dead, saw hundreds taken hostage, and a country deeply traumatised. 

Israel responded with a deadly barrage of airstrikes and bombardment. This assault continues to this day, and has so far killed over 17,000 people, and turned huge areas of Gaza into desolate wasteland. 

The stated aims of Israel is to destroy Hamas, remove them from power in Gaza, and secure the release of the hostages. 

This week on The New Arab Voice we assess Israel’s invasion of Gaza. How are they progressing? What have been their losses? And is there as risk that Israel will secure a tactical win, but a strategic defeat. 

Also, we explore how the ongoing Israeli assault is being viewed by Israelis, and what this all means for the future of Prime Minister Benjamin and Israeli thinking with regards to Palestinians. 

Do Israelis support the conflict, and do they support the manner in which the assault is being is being conducted? Can Netanyahu survive, and if he’s on the way out, then who will take his place? 

To help us understand the current state of Israel’s assault on Gaza, we speak with Tobias Borck (@tobiasborck), the senior research fellow for Middle East Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (@RUSI_org).

Also, we speak with Dr. Nimrod Goren (@GorenNimrod), a senior fellow for Israeli affairs at the Middle East Institute (@MiddleEastInst)

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